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September 10, 2009


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Beautiful boat design shared by you. I never see such amazing design of boat. Please keep it up because the internet needs someone like you spreading the word.

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There is at least one important difference between kayaking a two-story wave and riding it on a surfboard. “On a board, you can bail if things get ugly,” says pro paddler Tao Berman, 30.

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I always wanted to try kayaking but I thought it was way to scary- to turn upside down with your head under the water and all- spooky. You make it all sound so easy! I think I finally got the nerve to try it at sea (no under water rocks).

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Nathan Eades

Tao is a fantastic river kayaker, but I'm not sure that the limitted amount of surf kayaking he has done in preparation will be sufficient to take on this exped. It takes a very good and experienced surf kayaker to be able to surf a 10 foot wave let alone 30. If he wants any help with this, there are plenty of experienced surf kayakers around the world with the expertise to help him, or even show him how to do it.

Nathan Eades

Alejo Pacheco

Soy un fanatico de correr olas grandes con kayak y me gustaria saber cual es el record de la ola mas grande corrida con kayak. a donde, y quien la corrio. e-mail me gustaria compartir mis conocimientos y conocer a Tao Berman, como podria hacer !!!

Mil Gracias

Sanjeev's Travel Guide

Wow, I haven't a wave that big before and with a kayak! Great design on the boat.

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