Tensions, Dams, Development Threaten India's Magical Arunachal Pradesh - National Geographic ADVENTURE

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September 04, 2009



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Arunachal Pradesh is one of the most beautiful places in India. It shouldn't be destroyed with such projects.

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he people of Arunachal—having been essentially exiled from the outside world since British colonial rule stopped free movement


i have enjoyed this post

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Until now, Arunachal Pradesh has managed to by-pass destructive practices like hydrodams and large-scale logging and mining; it's uniquely poised now to make decisions.

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Arunachal Pradesh has managed to by-pass destructive practices like hydrodams and large-scale logging and mining.

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Arunachal Pradesh is most beautiful place I ever seen.But my first coice is lakhnau ,the city of kings.

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Arunachal Pradesh has managed to by-pass destructive practices like hydrodams and large-scale logging and mining How to burn 3500 to 4000 calories of stored fat and LOSING UP 1 to 2 POUNDS A DAY


as i am from arunachal pradesh, i can say that in my place the people around here are very nice with tourists. ya but we dont have much well infrastructure. if u really want to enjoy the nature, u should visit arunachal. here today also we really have some people, we can call them magician but in our language we call 'dhondai' they can heal sickness which doctor's give up. i myself show how they do. so m lying or anything. its scary while they perform....

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Arunachal Pradesh is one of teh best states of India in terms of tourism and natural beauty.

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I wouldn't take my grandparents there or recommend it for travelers who need to stick to an itinerary of five-star accommodations. The tourism infrastructure is just now being established, so hardiness is a prerequisite for travel.


I just wonder know what is the goverment doing, they should do more...

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It's a shame to hear about all the projects that are planned to destroy the region. http://www.cheappplaneticketstoindia.com

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I agree, Aurunachal Pradesh is integral part of India.

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I agree that government should pay more attention to develop nosrt east part of the country.


Quite interesting post.

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No doubt. Aurunachal Pradesh is integral part of India. Indian govt. should also focus on developments in the noth east part of the country.

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