K2 - Altitude Vs. Attitude in Ed Viestur's New Book - National Geographic ADVENTURE

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September 09, 2009


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Sounds like a superb read. K2 is one of those places we all love to believe we could conquer but that also scares the pants off most people.. need to pick this one up from Amazon.

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I'm reading The Adversity Advantage right now and one of the authors has climbed the 7 highest peaks in the world and is blind. Great stuff. Thanks for sharing I love books like these! - Peter

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Co-writing with adventure contributor David Roberts, renowned alpinist Ed Viesturs relays a history of the mountain through tales of those who’ve climbed it, including his own.

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The weather was fine, Klinke wrote.

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The historic climbs he most admires—like the 1938 trek led by Charles Houston that pioneered the eventual route to K2’s summit—are not those on which the climbers overcame hazardous conditions and managed with great good luck to make it. Rather, Viesturs favors stories in which climbers faced with similar conditions opted to turn back.

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Souns interesting, K2 - this is mysterious montain, should be good book!


I loved this one as well.. can't wait for any new stuff :)

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