Two Historic Rides By Big Wave Surfers - And They're Women - National Geographic ADVENTURE

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August 18, 2009


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No one wants to start throwing around wave height numbers just yet, but you can check out the pictures at and judge for yourself.

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Nothing ruins your day faster than some local guy with his high testosterone levels telling you to get off 'his' wave.

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Great info!thank you for your sharing.Battling currents, overzealous seals, and the ever-present threat of great white sharks, she was towed into what looks to be the biggest wave ever ridden by a woman.

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Surfing Dave

GReat images.
There really should be more women out in the surfing giving the guys a run for their money. Might make some of the more competitive surf spots a little less aggressive. Nothing ruins your day faster than some local guy with his high testosterone levels telling you to get off 'his' wave.

Keep it up ladies..

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i like this part of the blog:"First, Californian Jamilah Star (one of our 2007 Adventurers of the Year) went to Mexico in hopes of catching a monster and ended up at the famous Playa Zicatela on one of the biggest days of the year. It was there that she snagged what many are calling the biggest tube that a woman has ever paddled into." is very good, you should add some pictures....


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Love the strong independant women and anyone who seeks an adventurous lifestyle

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