Beluga Whale Saves Drowning Diver - National Geographic ADVENTURE

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August 03, 2009



Wow.This is a very clever animal.

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Did you know that whales also symbolizes God? In this case whales act like God because they save this poor diver.

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The animals are wild and can come and go as they like. So patience is required. I tell people to hurry up and wait. It might take hours, or days to get the right conditions and whales.

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I'm glad it turned out the way it did - hurray to the animal kingdom!


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What a nice story. I'm glad it turned out the way it did - hurray to the animal kingdom!

Amber, whale watching

What a beautiful story. I got chills watching the video. I love the last photo of the Beluga smiling. Such a beautiful, gently giant.

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OH MY! They are so cute! I never doubted for a second they are smart- even smarter then we perhaps :) I wish I could swim like that....


that is amazing im did my science project on belugas because they r just amazing

Rebecca Love

Such a cool story. Whales are the best!


What an incredible story and shows the intelligence of these creatures

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