In the Bahamas, Invasive Fish May Become Dinner to Restore Ecosystem - National Geographic ADVENTURE

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August 10, 2009


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They hope to stop the killing in the area by implementing educational conservation programs, working with hunters, and creating a gorilla nature reserve.


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I hate the lionfish.

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Populations of lionfish, a football-size predatory fish native to the Indian and Pacific Oceans, are exploding in coral reefs in the Bahamas.

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f they stopped dumping in the oceans then everything would be balanced and this is just one in a million problems surrounding our oceans preservation....

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are exploding in coral reefs in the Bahamas, threatening to destroy native fish schools and the local snorkeling, diving, and kayaking businesses.

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I agree on that we must protect animals and mammals too.

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It is better to protect all indigenous species on earth, like human they have the rights too.

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This is a problem all around the indian ocean rim. Prisitne popular dive site like Boracay Island and Palawan Island have been effected only just recently.

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Why not bringing them inside aquariums rather than in our plates? I am not that confident how they taste.....or are they even edible?

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Hope they tastes good too...

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There's no harm in bringing them in, in our kitchen and adding them in our menus just to balance the food chain under the sea...

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Wow..What a amazing fish ! It is looking so beautiful and colorful. I remembered my small tour to London . I saw similar fish in London zoo in Regent park. I saw many different kind of animals as well birds..It was one of my best tour :-) :-)

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What a beautiful fish! Amazing!

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Well maybe if they stopped dumping in the oceans then everything would be balanced and this is just one in a million problems surrounding our oceans preservation....

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