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August 12, 2009



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First and foremost, the only surefire way to avoid crazy international rates that’ll give you nightmares is to turn off your data roaming. (Settings → general → network → data roaming OFF.) This will disable all of your data features, such as email, Web browsing, or apps—pretty much everything that makes an iPhone an iPhone. But, as reader Ra Williams put it: “I found it's cheaper and more enjoyable to simply ‘ask somebody’ when traveling abroad.” Absolutely, if you are not chatting up the locals to learn more about your destination, you might as well stay home.


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i Pod is very entertaining when you are traveling as you can easily download movies and song accordingly.

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Nice post! I love the new Apps that is coming out for the iPhone. There are so many applications and uses for it beyond the standard purpose of just making phone calls.


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and pay what the locals do for calls and data. That's what I'm doing on my trip for 3 wks to India in Oct. You'll save lots of money.

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I travel around the World at least once month from Wellington, New Zealand and am constantly prone to delayed or cancelled flights and my business contacts and family are constantly trying to understand when I am landing so that they can reach me.

I have therefore created an iPhone application that gives live departures and arrivals information for any flights at any given airport around the World. You can find an overview of the application at .

There is also a draw to win an ipad everytime a milestone of 10,000 download is reached on the AppStore, more information can be found on:



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I work for Tuscany's social media team, and would like to let you know that the Region of Tuscany created an augmented reality app that lets you travel Tuscany - and thanks to your i-phone - you can get info on restaurants, museums, hotels and entertainment. The thing I like most about this app, honestly, is that you can get not only static info on places or museums but you also get readers reviews! I hope this is useful for people travelling to Tuscany! here's the video that explains what Tuscany+ is all about

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i Pod is very entertaining when you are traveling as you can easily download movies and song accordingly.

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iPhone users were found to be almost twenty times more likely to use desktop versions of web search engines than the average mobile user who is predominantly using the mobile version.

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you'll have to have competent IT staff who understand the nature of information and networking.

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Apple apps can be a very handy tool when abroad providing you know how to use them. I liked Jeremy's comment. Don't know if it quite works like that but I will giving it a go next time I am lucky enough to be abroad.

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If you are using FreshBooks and have an iPhone / iPod touch, you should check out MiniBooks. It is a great iPhone app that has a lot more functionality than FreshBooks own app.

Jeremy Hanks

You can also unlock your phone, stop at a local wireless store when you get in country, buy a prepaid SIM card (as long as it's a GSM compatible carrier), pop it in the phone, and pay what the locals do for calls and data. That's what I'm doing on my trip for 3 wks to India in Oct. You'll save lots of money.

Zach Everson

When I travel abroad with my iPhone, I pop out the SIM card--no way I can be charged then--and just rely on WiFi.

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