Adventure Video: Killer Whales' Cunning Seal Hunting Technique - National Geographic ADVENTURE

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July 09, 2009


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Very good article.My daughter liked the clip so much.She loves Killer Whale.

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I think you mean "30-degree (Fahrenheit" water"....


This is challenging type of adventure but once you fullfill it, it is consider a great and brave experience.

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This is very dangerous types of adventure, just one mistake only you are in the mouth of the big whales.


I'm surprised too. Good thing Orcas is wiser.


I was really surprised watching this video! Orcas are smarter than i thought, and they also can fight against fearful sharks!!!

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Despite anything you may have heard to the contrary, whale meat does not taste good....

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It is obvious from observing nature that animals have a connection to a source of greater intelligence of some kind. Maybe we should try to remember that when we interact with them.

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Just as we learned to love and care about a puppy, so we should appreciate the animals that nature gave us, so do not I agree with the indiscriminate slaughter they do with whales. We must admire them for their beauty and form, so we can teach.

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"Minus-30-degree water" would be solid ice... I think you mean "30-degree (Fahrenheit" water"....

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