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July 28, 2009


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I always get annoyed with deals that have a limited reach unlike most that offers deals that covers expenses abroad.

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I use to find the best deal. easily finds the best hotel rate by comparing all the major travel sites. The holiday search is comprehensive too. Never found hotels cheaper off any other site.

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Instead of Bing travel, you should have reviewed another site specializing in travel.

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Just looked at and I think that this is on eof the best travel deal site. For some themes you can find good bargain deals there.

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I love traveling, and looking for deals is fun as well! i love it when you find a cheap deal to a great destination, I love staying in apartments and not hotels :) I love traveling ;)

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Been getting a lot of deals lately for travel abroad just don't know which one to take.

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I always get annoyed with deals that have a limited reach unlike most that offers deals that covers expenses abroad.

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You should check out another new one -

I find it to have the lowest prices always.


Good overview of some of the new deals sites. These sites do a great job with flight/hotel/car deals but tend to overlook adventure travel.

Because most deals sites are really lacking adventure travel deals. I decided to start a deals site specifically for adventure deals.

We're still in beta but I'd love to hear your feedback on the site. We're adding new trips every day!

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Thanks for all the helpful travel sites. I appreciate the information and visit your blog often for the best in travel deals.

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