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July 02, 2009


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Now, their dramatic and face-saving effort to reintroduce tigers to the park has apparently flopped as well. Experts fear that the one male and two females that were helicoptered to Sariska last year from nearby Rhanthambhore National Park—both reserves are in the northern state of Rajasthan—all share the same father, which won't exactly make for a diverse gene pool.

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1400 tigers - it is so few:( and they continue to extinct!

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Paul ,

Thanks for sharing this.

Believe me, India has amazing wildlife scientists like Dr. Qamar Qureshi (WII), Dr. Y. V Jhala(WII), Dr. Shomita Mukerji...But the tiger relocation was done in the guidance of the BJP (an Indian political group)politician, Mr. VP Singh, Member of Parliament. The result is in front of us.

In a country where the Wildlife Warden's get chosen not because of merits but due to political relations; an example, the Chief Wildlife Warden of Rajasthan state, Mr R. N Mehrotra; we should not expect much. As his targets will be not saving the tiger. .. but saving the nose of the BJP government during whose rein tigers had got extinct from Sariska Tiger Reserve.
Hence what work was done non-methodologically and hurriedly is in front of us.

Thanks to Dr. K Shankar who admitted this in Times London. Link attached:


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