Australian Town Bans Plastic Water Bottles - National Geographic ADVENTURE

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July 24, 2009



I think it's awesome for this city to stand up against bottled water! It's so dangerous for our environment, and can even be detrimental to our own health. Thanks for posting, happy Earth Day!

James Muir-Jones

National Graphic is a great thing that always helps the planet. Way to go!!

Canada Guy

We all know disposable water bottles are wasteful and bad for the environment, yet their production is growing rapidly everywhere. Just 20 years ago the market for plastic water bottles was practically nonexistent, but today we produce billions of these completely unnecessary products. There can be only one sane response, plastic water bottles must be banned!

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It's great to see the town stand up and protect itself like that; hopefully this attitude spreads. Many areas around the world are experiencing pretty serious difficulty in disposing of all the bottles ... I've heard of even Himalayan villages being swamped with them.

Another issue, in addition to the important environmental ones, is the potential health risks from drinking from them.


I think this is fantastic approach to the waste and misuse of plastic.

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