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May 19, 2009



Cool. So nice. I'll be visiting these places and shooting there someday.

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It was useful post, i really liked to read it...
the information provided for each route is very usefull.



I already try a lot of mounting climbing from Malaysia and Philippines, but next summer once i can go to US, i would like to try the Grand Teton, Owen Spalding (Original Route).

Jezreel Ricafort

The highest mountain that i climbeb was the mount kota kinabalu located in Malaysia. It's not so easy specially if you are not at mountaineer, luckily my friend of mine informed me that need a lot of training before your proceed. It is really very hard and need your fighting spirit and attention.

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I was able to climb the Dallas Peak last summer with my friends. We took a bunch of pictures and uploaded them to Picaboo. There is no greater thrill than climbing to the top of a mountain.

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I am mountaineer here in the Philippines. My friends went clicm the highest peak in Alaska it is so hard. i want to go there


How about those who are beginner everest hikers lol.

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There are also many adventure spots in Australia most people don't know...lots of locals here in Australia travel different countries to find adventure yet, they don't even bother explore the beauty of their own country.

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Quite the list of adverntrues thanks for the information.

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Athabasca, North Face - very beautiful, stunning montain!

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Great list of climbing mountains. I agree that Mt. Whitney should be added.


Glad to see our Mount Shasta deservedly on your list. And, for sheer awesome beauty, it stands alone... literally.
We are proud of the great support climbers get in the little town bearing it's name. Check out services at our web site, Scroll past our sponsors for the resources list.

Wayne Short

I think you have to add Whitney to the list. What do others think?

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