Explorer Tom Avery on Solving the North Pole's Century-Old Controversy - National Geographic ADVENTURE

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April 13, 2009


Home Education

I just don't know how they survive in that freezing temperature in North Pole during their adventure, where sun rise is very rare to see.

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I am not sure about duration of this adventure..

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Hank Freid

In my point of view it takes 37 days to go there. can common people go there. It could be a unique style adventure travel


Yes. What is your answer to the first comment?

Still Skeptical

How did they get back? Peary promised his ship captain that he would go along with the final assault on the pole, then sent him back. The captain was the only one who could verify his position, Mathew Henson could not. He arrived back at the base camp the day after the captain. Remember that Peary didn't have the option to be airlifted out.

Account Deleted

North Pole in only 37 days, they made it really fast man.

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