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April 21, 2009


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There were trees, so he had fuel, but the only way he could think of to start a fire was to strike his ski pole on rocks. Unfortunately, aluminum won’t make sparks. He survived, but just barely.

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Trejos went out onto the wing with her child in her arms and jumped into the ravine. Her quick, decisive action saved three lives.

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I count the rows from my seat to an exit, because I might not be able to see in the smoke. I figure out how the exits open before I need to know. During an emergency is not a good time to try to learn.

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No matter what your strategy for survival might have been, it would not have worked under those conditions.

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They are more safe because the management really careful and very tight with their employee's safety.

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I hope they will find a way to keep and maintain their lovely society!

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Sometimes curiosity leads us to reality.


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