David de Rothschild: Voyage of the PlastikiHow to Build a Plastic-Bottle Boat - National Geographic ADVENTURE

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March 16, 2009



Ahh, Rothschild. I remember the plastiki..

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Thanks for sharing.Once the trashed bottles are properly revived, they’re ready to fit into the plywood model of the hull. Two-liter bottles aren’t particularly hydrodynamic and Rose must outfit the bottom of the hull to make sure the bottles all lie flat. Like much of this process, it’s a tedious exercise of trial and error.

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I just loved your experiments! I find it hard to believe that a bottle can endure more pressure them a car wheel tire! And it is even harder to believe you would run it over with a car to make sure it dose! Great work :)

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Quite an adventurous undertaking truly but many will just have to make do with "adventure" travels in back-to-nature spots which should suffice to get the children especially, appreciating our environment more.

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We are learning and expanding and coming up with a wide range of safer more effective vehicles for the work force.

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Lord have mercy!! That's quite the undertaking. I'd be scared to float around on the ocean on a boat made of plastic bottles! Good luck to ya!


What a great endeavor... save the planet, yes!

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wow thats a really intresting article, thanks for sharing!

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CTNgreen - we are in awe of this effort, applaud all involved, and admire greatly the courage of David.

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