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February 10, 2009


jordan Jams

let's join our hands together to stop this kind of wrong doings. It may risk lives in the future if we just let them continue.

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Islay is part of the Inner Hebrides and lies off the west coast of Scotland. There are about 3,000 islanders and the island is mostly known for its world renowned Whisky distilleries.

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Whiskey is an alcoholic beverage with many incarnations from various regions of the globe including Germany, Scotland and multiple regions in the United States. But drinking can have various risks associated with it, and many people worry that the sting of whiskey in the back of the throat may be a warning sign of serious problems to follow.

quail hill

Then work it slowly around your mouth for no less than ten seconds, tasting the spirit’s every note. Then swallow.

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Now i know where to track them. Thanks for mapping.

Roger Shann

The practice is good. Ice and single malt are complete non starters. Perhaps a wee drop of water but even that is treading on the edge. :-)

I prefer my malts on the peaty side (Talisker is my choice).

There is a Lagavoulin at 640GBP I would love to try but sadly never will.
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Nature is fair, but society is not.

Nathan Walker

Thanks for the really useful it will help me to decide the best whisky to choose next time I visit Gibraltor!

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Maria Folsom

Thanks for a fun article! I am a whisky lover and have been to several Scotland distilleries. Great stuff!

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