Surfers Flock to England's Severn Tidal Bore - National Geographic ADVENTURE

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February 11, 2009


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Severn lose interest is one of the more well known, bigger and far more highly effective ones are available in China's quiantang stream and in the Bay of Fundy.

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Wednesday saw a few three-star beauties grind up the banks—and even send spectators running for cover.

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I missed surfing. I use to surf almost everyday when i was in hawaii.

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I love surfing! Great article!

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Surfing really rocks but then I don't know how to surf. I have a fear on big waves. So, What I merely do is just to appreciate the thing that I want to do but can't possibly do. Hope I can manage this fear so that I can be able to take away that surfing envy.

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when i was a child i grew up listening to stories from my grandmother...i still miss them...

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i like this part of the blog:"Although the frequency and quality of the bore will peter out this spring, things will pick back up in late summer and early autumn. If you are interested in riding, bring at least a 3/2-mil wet suit and a board that paddles quickly and has lots of volume to float you through the flat spots." is very good, you should add some pictures....

Neil Law

For sure it was cold. Very cold, even for a Brit bore rider like me. The higher, more inland areas of the bore country needs a relatively low level of freshwater to work, and with our recent snowmelt that was never going to happen. But the lower areas need that extra depth to be at their best, and they were. This is my footage shot from Arlingham on Thursday morning.


ASAP i would be concerned it is far too cold for me to surf! Take in consideration late huge snowing in England! But still there is a woman who was swimming it such conditions whole Atlantic! Check it here:

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