Music Tuesday: Beirut Goes to Mexico - National Geographic ADVENTURE

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February 17, 2009


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On Monday, plant operator Chubu Electric Power Co. (9502.TO) gave in to Japanese government pressure and agreed to temporarily shut down the reactors at the plant over earthquake safety concerns, a move that could worsen the nation's expected electricity shortage in the peak summer season.

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In my experience—I've climbed in over 600 areas in the U.S.—this is unique. I have been to other areas with lots of spires, but almost always they are made of sandstone, not granite.

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I spent a lot of time wondering around the zocalo, the center square. Its just like the plaza in Santa Fe where I grew up except...

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We had a guide in Teotitlan del Valle, the weaver village where we recorded, who would take us around the little village markets and ruins nearby, if we could get ourselves out of bed early enough.

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The film has a nice start. VERY NICE. Very funny with the scene in the lycee francais where they have to sing the national anthem of france and the boys goes up on the balconny and starts singing the lebanese one with a speaker. and everyone follows. But unfortunatally the movie doesnt keep the good start, but has an overall greatness!

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Don’t you expect to see something like that in a review for this album? Why is this important? Because for New Mexico native Condon, his home country has been the last place he’s looked for inspiration.

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Monte Alban left a huge impression on me. Something so sadly peaceful about ruins.

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Condon resurrected the second half of the album—infectious electronic pop released under the name Realpeople—from songs he wrote as teen in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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Its just like the plaza in Santa Fe where I grew up except....lively. I remember being slightly shocked that the locals use it more than the tourists do, and that made me happy, or maybe sad, for Santa Fe.


Being an indie rock band is very difficult to achieve all of this,Beirut stands on their own talent and try all of their best to be on top. I admire them so much and not like the other popular band their music has a great passion. The water swayed moon for me is their best song.:)

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