Your Top 10 ADVENTURE Stories of 2008 - National Geographic ADVENTURE

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January 04, 2009


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Thank you for your artice, it is wonderful. Wish you have a happy day.

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I am exited to see these top adventure stories. I am late to see them. But it is worth seeing and reading them now.

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been on that place.. I think 4 of them.

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we wanted to take a moment to reflect on your favorite online stories

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So here they are, the most popular stories of 2008.

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we wanted to take a moment to reflect on your favorite online stories over the past 370 days.

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we wanted to take a moment to reflect on your favorite online stories over the past 370 days. So here they are, the most popular stories of 2008.

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have a look at the photo gallery first in link,some of the pictures are amazing.

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i agree with the comment that china should also be developing a national parks system when you think of the size of the country.

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What a great post I spent ages reading every link but I love the national geographic it has so much to read about.

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for what i am looking for, thank you so much for sharing this one

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This was very interesting.


It was really good to read this kind of thing.

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I certainly enjoyed the way you explore your experience and
knowledge of the subject! Keep up on it. Thanks for sharing the info

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This is great to read about the 10 new adventures stories. I really love doing adventures and used to go on small tour for taking complete enjoyment of different type of adventures.


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Is there an Australian version of the Nat Geo Magazine available? The ones in my local market are from the USA and tend to be US focused.

Would be good if there was one for Asia and Asutraliasia.

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China also should look at developing a national parks system that takes into account the country size.


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I believe India should seriously thing about the development of National Parks in country as the wild life is in danger.

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I enjoy reading your magazine whenever I get the chance. After I am finished reading it I hand it off to my son, who I have been trying to get him to submit some of his photos. He has taken pictures in Antelope Canyon that are just beautiful.
Keep up the good work!

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