Tierney Thys: As Jellyfish Take Hold of Emptying Oceans, Molas to the Rescue - National Geographic ADVENTURE

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January 09, 2009


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This is very informative ""Molas offer insight into the jellyfish web," Thys says. "But research is spotty at best. As jelly numbers rise, the animals that prey upon them, molas in particular, become really important." thank you so much for sharing....


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This seems to be a very important study to me, if only because a) it was commissioned by the government, and b) it wasn't created with a specific set of interests in mind like some of the so-called "studies" produced by the industry lobby groups. I really hope this puts the pressure on the government (I almost said Harper, but really the whole government is being bullied here) to push back on the CRIA and listen to Canadian artists and consumers.


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FYI, the mola pictured with Dr. Thys can be found in the Outer Bay exhibit at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Over the years, a few individuals in the exhibit have grown to a length of several feet and weights in excess of 500 pounds -- usually within a year or two of their arrival as 50-pound youngsters.

Unlike molas in the wild, those at the aquarium dine on a fish puree packed into sausage casings, vitamin-enriched gelatine food and as many squid as they can pick off during feedings for the fast-swimming tunas and mahi-mahi with which they share the exhibit.

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