Adventurer of the Year Rob Gauntlett Dies in the French Alps - National Geographic ADVENTURE

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January 11, 2009


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That is just terrible. From what I read he seemed to be an amazing man. He is an inspiration to us all. May he rest in peace.


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Hoping that other young people follow their steps!!!

Rudy belgium mountaineer

Rob was a young boy but a great man.Full off will-power and motivation a example for many others.Thanks that we may now and admire you. rest in peace

Mani Sierra

Expressing my sympathy for this heroic guy!!!

I bought for first time the National Geographic magazine just for read the article related the amazing journey of Hooper and Gauntlett, and today reading this tragic news, make me think that he left a big presence in the hearts who knows about them.

This world needs more people like them, so you have all our warmest thoughts.

Hoping that other young people follow their steps!!!

Diego Gonzalez Joven

I miss him so much... I traveled with him on the Pole to Pole expedition.... we were all next to each other 24/7 and like I always said, he was the alpha dog. After the pole to pole expedition, booster my motivation to expand my limits... My friend who is blind, his guide dog and I, we set 5 records by climbing the tallest mountains in the US and Mexico.... we cycled across Texas and From the US to Mexico City, and all that with him on mind... soon, we are gonna embark in another expedition where we are gong to cycle from Alaska to Baja... then from los cabos I will swimm 180 miles to Mazatlan and then cycle to Cancun... upon reaching Cancun I will swim 430 miles to Key West in Florida.... I know he will be on my mind and he will guide me all the way....
Miss you Robie......

Diego Gonzalez Joven


My condolences to his family and friends. In a world where many young people never venture beyond the television screen, Rob was a true adventurer and will continue to inspire many to live in the present. Thank you.

George Lewis

He had a dream and he achieved it, for all great men and inventions started out as dreams.
To me he lived life to the fullest and died doing what he loved the most, his live was complete, lets all look up to what he achieved with pride and cherish the moments and memories you got to share with him.

For those how criticize remember he has made history he,s a legend, however history has already forgotten you.


Arrogance is both a strength - to push people to achieve - and a weakness - where people become overconfident and forget their limits and take risks. People with family commitments are doubly self-centered. The death statistics on all major peaks speak volumes; those who die almost always deserve it for continuing on, where others would turn back to live another day.
My heart goes out to the family; but is anybody surprised. I'd have given you 5:1 this would happen within 2 years.


That is just terrible. From what I read he seemed to be an amazing man. He is an inspiration to us all. May he rest in peace.

JJ Jones

What terrible news. May god be with his family.


Hi Michael, Thanks for your note. The links seem to work for me, but here they are just in case.



Michael Meiser

Howdy, your to links to national geographic appear to be broken. Would really like to check those out. Please respond here in the comments, an tracking responses with Thanks.

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