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December 31, 2008



It was really good to read this kind of thing.


Great stuff guys, this rocks.


I'm just wondering how it went?

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I searched for where I could go as an exchange student to actually live in someones home. It meant that my accommodation costs were very low. For my flights I chose the not so popular airlines which meant many stopovers but the price was so much cheaper than the big guys

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We were able to have a fun family adventure by hitting a lot of the national parks in the Western United States. Most of the camp grounds were very inexpensive and there's nothing more fun than sleeping under the night sky, especially for the young ones.

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It is christmas time now. Really want to travel somwhere where is warm climate now to enjoy sun and beach.


Good article by the way, i think adventure travel is a good piece of mind , it's the best medicine of relaxing u can have for stress

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This is just great and very informative!


this is great


Its a good idea to have cheap travel yet feeling bursting with happiness and satisfaction. I love traveling only in our near region or distance away from our home. Saving a bit of dollars from your expected budget is a great. Try to travel Philippines in the Puerto Princesa Underground River one nominated as 7 wonders of the World. Or be in our famous Maria Cristina Falls. And savor of nature is refreshing and calm ourselves.

Jerry Turner

It's really difficult to travel with a short budget thats why before hand you have to set everything in the bag for you not to get into some unwanted circumstances in the future spoiling your moment of leisures and stuff, well better to go with groups so you could avail more discounts,have the reservations ahead,the earlier the better.


Yes I agree with suzzane, its like a really relaxation from all the form of stress with work you encountered. As far as going to different places where many auction lines to shop or to seek and find many different giveaways after spending vacation!

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It is really important to set budget whenever you plan to travel as it will be crucial since your gonna be spending lots of money. All in all whats important is you should be happy of what you do!


that's great

Bino Mino

Try to go somewhere not too far and not too close to your home. I would and enjoy nature, especially if you are living in big city.


going outdoor specially out of the town adventures really great.

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Well I think..this is wonderful article about cheap travel. I love to go for traveling by taking car on rent. It makes my trip good and comfortable. In fact, I must say it also saves my lot of time.

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Well now, I was searching for blogs on fitness or health when i came across this post. Although not exactly what I was expecting I will give it ****.

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A wise guy has learned to tolerate other folks, so he can naturally lead a pleased lifestyle. He understands to always keep a coronary heart of conscience and never to spread others’ blunders. Did you concur with me?

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Agreed ! Adventure travel and tour is for relaxation of mind. And it is good way of spending some time with your family. I love tours and next week I am going to Holy Land for on month.

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Outdoor adventure travel does not have to mean traveling far away or overseas.
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As fruit needs not only sunshine but cold nights and chilling showers to ripen it, so character needs not only joy but trial and difficulty to mellow it. Do you understand?

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The motivation to succeed comes from the burning desire to achieve a purpose. Napoleon Hill wrote, “Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.”

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This is a wonderful artical. I liked reading it.

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Benjamin Levisay

This is very cool.

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