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December 15, 2008


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Today it is a stretch of high-rises sporting some 30,000 hotel rooms. Mangrove forests were cut to accommodate this megadevelopment, clear-water lagoons were filled in, and wildlife disappeared, along with any sense that you are still in Mexico.

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Villagers have been forced to break open the coffins of their ancestors and take out the remains before the bulldozers level and bury the place, all in the name of building a parade of new mass tourism resorts.

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In the heart of the Walt Disney World Resort, the award-winning Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin is your gateway to Central Florida’s greatest theme parks and attractions.

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Can't wait to check out Costa Rica!

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one of Dubai's golf courses requires a million gallons of desalinated water a day to keep the grass green under the scorching desert sun.

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Norman Seabrook, president of the correction officers union, said Strauss-Kahn did or said something during a mental health evaluation that concerned doctors, and he is being monitored day and night.

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this is really very informative "Definitely stay on the crater rim in one of the great safari lodges and sip a gin and tonic while looking down into what naturalists have called the Eighth Wonder of the World—an ancient, unflooded, collapsed caldera that forms a natural zoological garden—

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I believe in this "This is a "must see" on everyone's travel list, and that's the problem. Rapidly increasing tourism—some 40,000 tourists in 2008—to one of the most fragile and untouched environments on the planet could have a devastating impact. For instance, 49,000 gallons of fuel spilled into the waters of Antarctica when one cruise ship sank.
with the ongoing climate change, its one of the most endangered places.
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Thanks for your post of things not to visit however Cancun? I totally agree it has become more comercialised over the years but if you venture out of Cancum and visit some places such as chitiniza - its fantasitc. The locals are really friendly as well!


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It was really good to read this kind of thing.

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Please add Disney and all Orlando sights to your list. Perhaps if it gets a bad rap too people will stop coming and leave us locals alone!

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This is a wonderful piece, I especially agree with the part on Costa Rica. I will be going on a eco-tour next January. Unfortunately there are many places in this beautiful country that are being developed just for "the money".

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