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October 24, 2008



Everybody deserves a break especially after weeks of hard work. Thanks for this article..I love it. Thanks for sharing this to us.


All work and no vaccation can make you turn into a human robot and divert your focus from your job and family. Therefore a refreshing vaccation is must to reboost and enliven your spirits to enjoy both life and work.........


Why we need vacations these studies suggest real evidence that taking a vacation is necessary to your health and well return from why you need a vacation to natural blog.


Having a vacation is necessary to refuel. It doesn't have to be an expensive get away. Just a change of scenery is a good thing. I would love to go to Hawaii and have been planning it for sometime. My husband and I will get there in the near future, in the meantime we have found just taking small inexpensive trips is an excellent way to refresh. We live in Colorado so the mountains are nearby.


National geographic adventure jul 08 10 reasons why you need to take a vacation now our work behind, letting go and allowing ourselves to have a real vacation.

stop panic attacks

i really agree that a vacation is a must must for every1..sumtym for yrslf n your family away from routine busy life gives us the strength to refocus better on our job..!!

Cruise Ship

I have never been to Hawaii so I'm planning to change this next month, it will be a great honor and privillage for me to have a Hawaii vaccation in December, I can't wait to finally get there:)

Stacey Wittig

Holly's suggestion of a sabbatical or pilgrimage rings true for me. I've taken time off from my stressful corporate career and walked El Camino de Santiago in northern Spain. The ancient pilgrimage route afforded me time to meditate and rethink my life's direction. One French pilgrim explained the experience as "A washing machine for the brain." How true.

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