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September 18, 2008


Hermes Birkin

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Joanna Moran

Sage advice,Holly. I have often travelled with a book or two in the backpack and never gotten a chance to look into them because I was too busy looking at what was around me.
I found out more from talking to the locals, eating their food offerings and feeling their hand made treasures than could be described in a guide book.
Of course, guide books have their place. They should be read before the trip, interesting points jotted into a note book for a quick refresher. Guide books to me are to dream on. I could spend hours reading and dreaming about the great places to explore, be they the rice fields of Java or the flea markets of Paris or the sandy beaches of Belize.
For all that I have been to and seen, I haven't had the courage to write a guide book myself. Go figure.

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