With Stone Age Graveyard Discovery in "Green Sahara," the Age of Exploration Continues - National Geographic ADVENTURE

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August 14, 2008


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The glassy aquamarine waters turned a churning brown and we were forced to move back from the stream bed. Monsoon rains in the Grand Canyon are nothing to mess around with.

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I never went to the Arctic ocean but I wish them the best of luck.I am eagerly waiting for the film.

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stone age have a dinosaurs?????
can you tell me????

ross Angel

hey national geographic... thanx for being here for all of us, and to remind us that the adventures are still limitless. many of my dreams continue to be realized through NG explorers...
ross angel

Global Explorer

I love stories that show how discovery is still alive. It is easy to get discouraged in thinking that we have found everything that can be found in the world. But there are plenty of things out there left to discover!

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