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July 15, 2008


Dan yoga

The best part of White Water Rafting is the fear factor. No fear no fun.


This was very interesting.
Many thanks.


This was very interesting.

California Whitewater Rafting Trip

I need to go on another rafting trip soon, I can't imagine going through the grand canyon. I'd be terrified.

carolyn broquet

There are also large raft trips (with around eight people on the raft, plus a guide and a swamp/helper) You just hang on but you can still experience the river, the geology, the rapids and they cook for you.



If you do fall in keep your feet downstream! and float on your back


Hi Sunny,

Mary Anne Potts with NG Adventure here. Most definitely consider booking a trip down the Colorado--in 2007, we named it the best trip in the national parks. Check out these recent photos and the articles to understand why:

New Moves on the Colorado

Photo Gallery

As for side trips, you are in luck, here are our latest recommendations:

And as for an outfitter, OARS has excellent trips:

Best wishes,

Mary Anne


I am going to be in Moab and doing a little canoeing in the area. Should I for sure book time to raft the Grand Canyon? Are there other good side trips in the area?

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