Honeymoon SCUBA Murder? (And How to Find a Trustworthy Dive Buddy) - National Geographic ADVENTURE

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June 26, 2008


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I will certainly miss it's arrival in my mailbox. I also agree, NG is not a fitting substitute- there just isn't one.

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I literally flinched Desmond attacked Charles Widmore. Whether through Netflix or iTunes, movies are just waiting to be watched.

Sweet Itch

Greetings from Sweet Itch

I've always found the best way to find a scuba buddy is to join a club!


Sweet Itch

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The video is not available anymore


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I'm totally disgusted by this post.

National geographic using this poor woman's death as a way to promote various dive buddy sites? Getting on the internet may be a first step but it has nothing to do with finding a trustworthy dive buddy.

Especially the use of "non-homicidal" I find especially disturbing. This clearly was not written by a scuba diver or anyone who has any respect for the sport. It also shows a blatant disrespect for the woman's family and friends.

What about some real advice like:

a) Talk with you new buddy about your dive goals to see if you're on the same page
b) Do a few easy dives to get to know your buddy
c) Take diving classes with your buddy
d) Use pre-dive checklists to ensure you and your budddy are ready to get in the water...
e) And so on.


Inya Kawin

The video is no longer available!

Account Deleted

Great post. I especially found it interesting thank you.


Tried to watch the video but it's "no longer available."

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