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June 30, 2008


David Ng

Great Post!


Very well posted.Thanks.

gel seat

I've eaten chocolate covered ants, but that's the worst thing I've ever eaten, and compared to you, it's not even bad. I have been to Russia though, unfortunately when it comes to trying new and interesting foods, Russia isn't the place. However, I DID learn that when a woman sits on the bare ground, they believe it makes her infertile. Next time I go, I'll definitely bring a gel seat cushion. I love to sit on those anyway!

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Teens wanted to brag about something unusual to their friends that's why they would eat even silkworms.


Hahahaha, yeah, good mom. I salute you. I don't even unique dishes that looks like different to me.

Health News

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It was really good to read this kind of thing.


Great stuff guys, this rocks.

Marc Bodian

As an avid outdoor enthusiast, mountaineer, mountain biker, ski patroller as well as a sailor, I was amazed to read in “Light Reading” September issue of National Geographic Adventure, that Holly Morris has a L7 disk. Most of us mere mortals have only 5 lumbar vertebrae. Because she only referred to the nearly herniated disk as her “L7” (Not L7-S1) we may never know if, in fact she has more than 7 lumbar vertebrae!

wanderlust mama

I have 2 children ages 4 and 2. I am jonesing for a family excursion to the great unknown. My dear husband only wants to fly/travel to Colorado where we have family and a familiar place to stay (which we love to do and do often). At this time, he sees no reason to spend time, energy and finances on travel to an obscure destination with 2 small children. Can you help me convince him that the risk of a little extra madness, on a family vacation, can be rewarding and exciting? Or am I being selfish in expecting his adventurous juices to flow just yet?

richard Steel

In Holly's "Light Reading" Blog on, she neglected to omit that in this day and age, consumers can create their own guidebooks with services like the create your own guide feature at - I think this is valuable info and brings the consumer into 2008 in style. "photocopying your favorite sections" is so 1992. Hope this helps!

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