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April 18, 2008


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By refilling your stainless steel water bottle and bringing it with you, you reduce the number of plastic bottles that enter the waste stream.

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Thanks a lot blogger for such a nice and informative posting about the usefulness of the water bottle when it is packed in a safe environment.


yes you said very good thing that is you must crush water bottles after usage. In fact, we must be careful while buying these kind of things on the time of traveling.

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After using the water bottle it should be crushed.It is the duty of government to check the water bottling plants regularly whether they take the precaution when packing or not. The owners of the water bottling plants should be punished if they found guilty.

Thanks a lot blogger for such a nice and informative posting about the usefulness of the water bottle when it is packed in a safe environment.

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Oh,my god,I can't image that,thank you for your information,in future,I will note the bottle of made it,at the same time,we should obey the guidance of the environment.

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