The Adventure Life With Steve Casimiro Special Report: Your Water Bottle IS Dangerous - National Geographic ADVENTURE

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April 18, 2008


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Thank you so posting this useful information,
from this time on i would be careful enough when it comes to water bottles

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As long as it's plastic, it's harmful to human's health.

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We buy bottled water because we want our water to be clean but the container is plastic so it isn't safe too.

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Greet Verellen

Yes i am agree with you blogger that now a days the bottles which are using for drinking, most of are not safe. They didn't obey the guidelines of the government . They are only doing it for there own purpose means to earn money for themselves not for the health of common people.

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This is real good post. I had no idea that a water bottle could be bad for you. Thank you for spending the time on this post.

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I think the national geographic channel also increase our knowledge and ability to learn the new things together and to gain something.


I really liked the post and the stories are really thanks for sharing the informative post.

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The Adventure Life With Steve Casimiro
Special Report and it is good thing to tell about that your water bottle is dangerous, and I think this is not needs to get use if it is a danger for your life.

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I have read your article for a several times and I was impressed by it! It was very interesting so I shared it with my friends. Hope they will like it too.


The Adventure Life With Steve Casimiro Special Report on Your Water Bottle IS Dangerous, and I think this is right the Bottles that why use is really dangerous for us and for our health, this is a good information for peoples to take for there good.


The national geographic channel also increase our knowledge and ability to learn the new things together and to gain something.

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