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April 17, 2008



any review write ups about the split option? an mp3 player with the quality okley offers sounds amazing.


hmmm Oakley Split much it cost in $ if I wanna buy it?

biking pro

Oakley has come up with yet another amazing sunglasses...for mountain bike riders like me this is a great accessory to use while riding!

designer sunglasses

It looks good on her. This will work for men and women! I love it. It will make my nose look better aswell.

womens jewellery

I love Oakleys- i must have these! Great idea! Love the blog!


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Designer Sunglasses

I am a great fan of Oakley Sunglasses and this new feature has made me crazy for oakley. I would love to have them on while waiting for the bus and enjoying music.

Glass of OJ

Wow, I had no idea that sunglasses that are also an MP3 player even existed. Those would be one of the greatest things to use while running. Do they stay on well? Thanks for the post, I'll definitely look into them.

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