Beyond Green Travel With Costas Christ: In Bangkok, A $300,000 Dinner Causes Uproar - National Geographic ADVENTURE

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April 17, 2008



What a dinner.more than luxury.


This was very interesting.


It was really good to read this kind of thing.

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What exactly is meant by a phrase like Green Travel? Green Travel can mean anything from environmentally responsible motor cars to eco-friendly transportation fuels, to responsible eco-tourism options, sustainable travel or stays in hotels and facilities that are environmentally conscious.

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Very exotic deal. What is they purpose on doing that? I'm not always understand rich people. There are so many places where their money can help people! Anyway, I'm going next month to London vacation, I think the launch in restaurant there not worse than the one in remote village in northern Thailand.

The Adventurist

Mmmm...Iberico Pig Neck! (cough,cough)

What was the reasoning in Thailand taking the guests to the remote village? They trying to get some cash pumped into the area?

I could live for 6 months on the income the chefs made for ONE MEAL--I'm in the wrong business-

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