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March 16, 2008


David Ng



I am a Vietnamese and the content of the article is very true.This is our tradition to rebury the dead people.Nowadays tourism is growing quickly here and creating jobs for people which is very good for the locals.On the other hand this also makes a contribution in sealing the sorrow of the war.
Thank you author for a good article.


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They do this all though northern Vietnam as the tourist industry is increasing. We recently went on opne of the many Halong Bay Tours and they were doing it there.

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They need help to educate tham about business and protecting their livelihoods.

Joseph Kyut

This site contains alot of real adventure stuff, there is more to traveling than we know and history can reveil some of it. The graves bare great stories. Kudos


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I love the national geographic I can always find something to read about.


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I will say this in closing. If anyone hates these people it is also sin, and by your hate you bring yourself down to the same level with those who oppose the Lord. It is easy to hate someone, but very hard to love someone who comes against you and your Father. I choose love for Christ and all his people. Does this mean we have roll over and play dead because this law was over turned? Not at all.

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I'm well aware of the 'difficulties' eco tourism faces there. A beautiful country with amazing people, with such poverty and hope running side by side.


This is why i visit you site daily. Great read thanks. Incidently has a similar topic.

Alan @ Anti Snoring Device Ltd

I spent 6 months in Hoi An in the early 90's, and as you say, it was a quaint little village, so charming, as were it's people. Tourism takes over, and you can't blame the locals for trying to make a living, but it is a shame when those old world charms disappear

Greg Thompson

I agree with the last comment. Exposing the small businesses and individuals to the world is essential. Unfortunatly, there are many willing to exploit these product makers. They need help to educate tham about business and protecting their livelihoods.

John Newcombe

Thanks for such a great post. Having a sister who owned a tourism company in Vietnam, I'm well aware of the 'difficulties' eco tourism faces there. A beautiful country with amazing people, with such poverty and hope running side by side.

Gusti Anom

Someone have to help the crafter in Vietnam to expose their product to world wide.

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