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July 25, 2011


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Lightning strike is a killer nature that needs to consider when you are trying to do adventure in the mountain.

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If you are in your adventure and the lightning occurs look immediately for your safety by hiding to the things that much more taller than you.

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Lightning is very risky specially if you are hiking in a highlands that's why we need some extra precaution if there is a phenomenon like this.


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"caves (yes, a cave will not provide shelter)" this corrected one misunderstanding I had before. Thank you so much.



Aparna Rajagopal-Durbin

Correction on the seconds. Every 5 seconds is equal to 1 mile. When you reach a 30-count (6 miles), descend into safe terrain. When you reach 5-10 seconds (1-2 miles), get in lightning position. I love math.
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Good guide, it is necessary for people to learn this guide, because when travelling or hiking, we should pay more attention to our safety...

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Nice tips, thanks to share it with us. I think this will definitely help me and my followers while we would be hiking and facing the thunder.

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And don't carry metal trekking poles in a storm. Wooden walking sticks are much safer!

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"Count how many seconds pass between lightning and the thunder. Every second is equivalent to approximately a one-mile distance. If your count gets down to 30 seconds (that’s six miles)" is this a typo or am I reading this wrong. Wouldn't that be 30 miles?

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Very good tips that I wasn't aware of.

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