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July 26, 2011



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Another great product born out the the technology developed by the military. Cool towel




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andy post-surf wetsuit exit, as the support under a towel for chilling at the beach, and as a welcome mat outside my camper van.


Wow, it looks cool, but I have a problem that whether it will be harmful to our skin...


I think skepticism has every right to run wild here... Something we have to see to believe!

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Wow this is scary. I can only consider what would be going as a result of my head if I stabbed a shark with the ice decide on.

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Hmm. Looks cool.... if it works. I'm still skeptical.


So it's 4 times the price of 10-oz mesh tarp, only slightly better (if at all), and doesn't come in large enough sizes for camping purposes. Way to feed the hype machine Steve!

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Another great product born out the the technology developed by the military. Cool towel

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