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December 08, 2010


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i made 5 parachute jumps, i've jumped from a bridge into the water back at 2007 & have taken lessons in kite surfing also used to play rowing for years

Camila Pajares

Someday, I will have this types of adventures , but i wish don't have to wait too long.


I hiked up Maple Canyon to the view point with my brother and was actually able to keep up with him. Not good. He has ALS. It was a wonderful experience to share with him, but since he couldn't even open the bottle of beer it was heartbreaking. Seeing him look out over the valley that I live in will be forever etched in my memories. We were doing something he loves. Making a smilestone. Making a memory to see me through when he is gone.

AB Viljoen

I have done the following:
Amazon from Manaus to Macapa at the mouth
Climbed Kilimanjaro
Paddled 120km's down Mozambique coast
see www.abbucketlist.co.za

Calvin Klein

beautiful but dangerous travelling

Milton Antonio Gomes

Extraordinary pictures.
Great adventures.
I loved all them.
I am a brazilian photographer, 64 years old and I live in Brazil.
My site: www.showyourclick.com is now open.
Take a look and if you feel in the mood about it, send your pictures.
I am sure that some of them will be printed in one of the 5 year´s magazines.
Have a great day.

Milton Antonio Gomes

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Thank you for sharing. Very happy to see your article, I very much to like and agree with your point of view. Have a good time.

Alex Stoy

Last Fall i began 30Cubed, running with purpose, where I ran 30 kilometers (900 total), practiced 30 sun salutations (900)in 30 different places in 34 days to raise money and awareness for underprivleged children. I travelled through numerous airports and catching rides to:

Black Rock Desert, NV
Salt Lake City, UT
San Fran, CA
Big Sur, CA
Napa, CA
Long Beach, CA
Astoria, OR
Portland, OR
Hoover Dam, NV
Las Vegas, NV
Seattle, WA
Driggs, ID
Sun Valley, ID
Stanley, ID
Galena Pass, ID
New Orleans, LA
Santo Domingo, DR
Boca Chica, DR
Santiago, DR
Central Park, NYC
Stroudsburg, PA
Philadelphia, PA
Washington DC
Boston, MA
Hartford, CT
Bogota, Colombia
Chicago, IL
Newport Beach, CA
Park City, UT

i finished the 6th week running the Pony Express 50 miler, helping my brother break a course record and completing 1000 kilometers of running in 6 weeks.

To top that off, I raised a few thousand dollars to help children achieve their goals while meeting people doing similar things with their lives.

Linus Smid

I always walked a lot on my journey.
Last year my 30kg backpack, tent and laptop followed me through scandinavia's north and at one point did 150km half-backcountry in 6 days through swamp and icy rivers with far less than the necessary food supplies.

A tough week that costed me six kilos and all my determination, but it got me into Norway where I now work as a Dog-Sledding Guide.

There is a video, lots of photos and lots of text about this trip on http://www.eggtrek.com/index.php/component/k2/item/20-utterly-stupid-things-ive-done-150km-wasteland

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Last two years have both been an adventure and have made me long even more for the outdoors. First I was taken down at age 50 by Sick Sinus Syndrome where the electrical system of my heart went our of whack and my heart started taking naps which needless to say also led to me taking unscheduled naps. Pacemaker implanted but that pretty much blew away the summer of 2009. Decided that 2010 would be my comeback year and started hitting the bikes hard. Only problem was an SUV decided to hit me harder on my way home from work 10 days before I was supposed to do The Triple Bypass for the 4th time. There went another summer and the adventure of recovering from some pretty good damage to multiple parts of my body. Anyway, sitting hear with a plate in my leg and my foot still in a boot looking at the coming summer trying to decide if I can put three summers of adventure in one.

Nimmity Zappert

Every now and then I get a crazy idea. It usually happens when I’m bored and frustrated. I get this urge to rub my hands in the dirt to feel that I am alive.

One such day, when I thought my head might actually explode from pure boredom – I decided that my friend Marie and I should hike The Narrows - a ‘strenuous’ overnight 16 mile hike, along a river bed through a slot canyon in Utah.This would jerk me out of my humdrum life; give me something to work towards. We would train until our bodies were toned, tanned walking machines. My butt would transform from a slightly squishy office chair moulded cushion, to something you could bounce a 50 cent piece off. Marie and I would conquer The Narrows and emerge Tomb Raider style from the canyon.

You can find out what actually happened here: http://www.nimmity.com/2010/10/narrows.html

Ty Dale

I do Grand Canyon Guide work, and I'm just getting life back on track, after the toughest adventure of my lifetime...helping Dad care for Mom 24/7/3 years as she slowly passed from Alzheimer's.

I grew up in 1960's Alaska (the best childhood ever!), and I hope to spend this summer in Denali Park for some much needed Wildlife time.

Some great pictures here:

McKell Burgon

From september to December I at the age of 20 took off a semester of school, and went to Ghana by myself to volunteer my time. I did not go with a program. While there I was able to teach all levels of health to the village of Antwikwaa. I fundraised back home, started a medical clinic in a village that has never had a single medical supply within its reaches. When I went to say goodbye to my village the the chiefs voted, and had come to the decision to make me queen mother aka nana mckell. It was an entire day process of carrying me through the village, sacrificing whiskey to the gods, drumming, dancing, singing, speeches, and by far the most humbling amazing experience I could ever ask for. By far the best adventure of the year, and more particularly my life. It was not an ordinary adventure in that it changed me emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. I'm in close contact with the village the medical clinic is running smoothly, and I hope to be back within the next couple years!


My addventure...hmmm. I had a lot but the best is traveling to Albania(wanderfull contry)

Family on Bikes

Our adventure in 2010 was a continuation of our adventures in 2008 and 2009 - and will end in 2011. Cycling the length of the Americas from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska to Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego as a family with 2 young boys. We started 2010 in Ecuador and finished the year in Argentina about 3000 km from our goal! It's been a fantastic journey and we're looking forward to reaching our goal after nearly 3 years on the road!!


Louis-Philippe Loncke

To prepare a world first attempt to cross Iceland during the winter (not resupplied, not helped by any human) & in the darkness, I did the first unresupplied & not aided crossing of the island during July 2010.
This was already a world first between the 2 extreme latitudes (from top North to top South).
If you want to follow the winter attempt(s) including the design of a new polar sledge/pulka. You can follow: http://iceland-trek.blogspot.com/
My brief explorer resume:


A back country wind powered adventure and snow study exercise on the US Continental Divide in Colorado. Paul Cuthbertson and Ryan Smith were towed by an UpSkI, a wind powered sail, above 12,000 feet to dig pits and study the snow while Phil Huff and Kevin Passmore used the wind to ski up a thousand feet higher. These photos tell the story. http://picasaweb.google.com/philip.huff/WindMountaineering?feat=directlink

shannon Galpin

In October, I rode across Afghanistan's Panjshir Valley, a country where women are no longer allowed to ride bikes, in an effort to break barriers in a region where I am working to educate, train, and create jobs for women and children. It was also an effort to showcase the beauty of the region in an effort to break the stereotypes that plague this region that has endured nearly 40 years of conflict. The beauty, the people, and the possibilities that are here need to be shared!

Jorge Arellano

In 2010 I took a rock climbing training course, trekked around some areas of the Sierra Gorda in Queretaro, Mexico. Did my first tandem skydive jump in July in Celaya, Guanajuato, Mexico and in September I flew in an ultralight in San Jose Iturbide, Guanajuato, Mexico. So much to do, so short is life. Many things to do this year too. Don´t dream only, get off the couch and do it!!!

Sarah Edgehill

My most amazing journey was in Hintermoos in Austria.
I spent a week with a Tibetan Lama sitting in one place learning techniques of journeying inside.
I have travelled all over the world through many countries, but this journey took me beyond space and time.
It can be as terrifying and exciting as river rafting in the Himalayas or walking over avalanches and being stuck in the ocean with no wind.
And it is as beautiful as watching the sunrise at Ghorepani or drinking chai on the Ganga when Varanasi wakes up.
I met many wonderful people and want to accentuate the total awe of this amazing journey where we can all travel so far without taking a single step!!!
A highly reccomendable experience which requires only willpower and increases also massively our environ mental and global awareness for our precious life on our beautiful planet!

Nancy Cutinha

In August 2010 I summitted Kilimanjaro in 6 days via the Machame route with my whole family including two sons aged 15 and 9 years (My son Callum is the youngest person in the world to have climbed Kilimanjaro in 6 days using the Machame route).
I also came face to face with three silverback gorillas in the Virunga Volcanoes of Rwanda this year.
So for me, 2010 has been a year of great achievements and great goals not only for me but my family too!

David Saunders

For the last couple of years, I have been going to St Pete, Florida to learn more and more about sailing. This year a friend and I took out a 41 foot sailboat and sailed it from St Petersburg, Florida to Sarasota.

My end goal is to solo a 40+ sailboat from St Pete, Florida to Key West, Fl and back again. Because to me it would be a really cool thing to do. And its for me!

And all the way shoot wonderful images, while I am diving, and sailing!

Account Deleted

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