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September 20, 2010


Hermes Birkin

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Jimmy Johnson

Marquette, MI should definitely be on this list. I was born and raised in this small town in the U.P. of Michigan and I love everything about it. For those of you that have visited and spent some time here, I'm sure you agree with me. We have everything from Lake Superior activities, fishing, waterskiing, boating, kayaking, etc., snowshoeing, rock climbing, white water rafting, hundreds of miles of trails, the list is literally endless. Don't get me wrong, there are many cities in the U.S. that are like Marquette, but there aren't any that are similar at the same time. It is truly a city of it's own kind. You have to experience it to understand.


I am so glad tht New Paltz, NY made the list. However, the comments tell you nothing great about the town. "Beso" is out of business and a new resturant is open -can't remember the new name. New Paltz has so much more to offer than the uninteresting tid bits presented, Just "google" New Paltz and get a real idea of all the fabulous adventures awaiting. I live just down the road about 10 miles south of New Paltz. Come and enjoy NEW PALTZ ,NY

David and Helen

Great to see that on our west coast road-trip we have accomplished 7 of these that you have listed before even seeing the list. Infact Arcata is our most recent blog post... lots more to follow...

Thanks NG.

Andrew Fulton

There are so many great adventure towns out there that's for sure. I am a blue collar worker, so for me it boils down to where can earn a decent living to support my family (3 kids) and have high quality adventure in the backyard. I live minutes, yep literally minutes from some of the best year round rock climbing in North America, where do I live? Good ole sin city, Las Vegas.


Nice jump.


Breanna Couch

I'm so happy Jim Thorpe, PA made this list! I used to live there, and it is simply AMAZING! For my 5th birthday, my family took my on the railroad for my first time, and I still say that's what got me hooked on rollercoasters! The town is so fantastic, because the arcitecture and shops are so interesting and beautiful, and the people are so nice. My fondest memories from here are of the Jim Thorpe memorial and the library, which you just can't stay away from! The old jail is cool, too, because it's supposedly haunted and has a very interesting history... This place really did shape me, and I'm sure it'll have the same impression on anyone else!


where is tahoe we are the mecca for it all

Boise Idaho

It would be hard to choose one town but I like Jackson Hole probably the best. Incredible outdoor opportunity from drives to hiking and biking to fishing and rafting. Two national parks right there and Jackson also has culture.

Cristy W.

I was born and raised in Homer, Alaska and I can't imagine a more beautiful outdoor playground. It's not called the "Cosmic Hamlet by the sea" for nothing! Miles and miles of calm beautiful coastline full of wildlife and hundreds of little coves to explore. Lots of hidden lakes, hiking trails, glaciers, mountains to climb, and fish to catch. Not to mention the dozens of art galleries and yummy eateries sprinkled through town. If you are planning on visiting Alaska, you MUST come to Homer!

Patrick OConnell

I agree with Fredric Moras about the Ruidoso area. Several mountains nearby are worth hiking (and skiing in the winter), the Billy the Kid story in Lincoln NM, and several other old mining towns worth visiting. There's also the Valley of Fires area west of Carrizozo NM as well. If you're into aliens, there's the Roswell area, and a little further away, there's Carlsbad Caverns.

Frederic Moras

How about Ruidoso, in SE New Mexico !!!
Probably the best kept secret in the Southwest (not anymore).
At 6900 feet of pine & oak forest with unlimited hiking & running trails in the White Mountain Wilderness in the Summer, with a promising mountain bike trails in the works, this all year around outdoor community will knock your socks off...
Last winter, thanks to El Nino, Ski Apache had some of the best snow in the West with absolutely no CROWDS !!!
Come check it out with those annual events such as the Ruidoso Sprint Triathlon (May), Tour de Ruidoso (September) & the Ski Run Road Challenge 20K (October) get off the beaten track with Taos & Santa Fe !!!

James Bates

McCall Idaho… now this is a town that gives true meaning to term “Adventure Town”! Winter: Alpine Skiing, Snowboarding, Backcountry Skiing, Cross Country and Nordic Skiing, Snow Kiting, Hockey, Snowmobiling and Curling just to name a few. Spring, Summer & Fall: Mountain Biking, Whitewater Kayaking, Flat Water Kayaking/Canoeing/Stand Up Paddling, Climbing, Hiking, Fly Fishing, Boating and Road Biking just to name a few. Before living in McCall I’ve lived in Brevard, NC, Knoxville, TN and Golden, CO all could be considered epic “Adventure Towns”. I’ve lived in McCall for over three years now and it’s one of the favorite places I’ve ever lived with the best and biggest selections of outdoor pursuits you can find just about anywhere. Two hours north of Boise, ID it’s easy to find and easy to get to. Come check it out for yourself! Jim B – McCall, ID. PS – would be a good place to find some beta on the area.

Frida Waara

When it comes to "Superior" living, nothing beats Marquette, Michigan. The woods and waters here not only paint a breath taking backdrop, they fuel all kinds of fun from laid back beaches to high adrenalin adventure. Count on activity year round because nested on Lake Superior's south shore, winter is anything but sleepy in this "snow factory" town. When you love snow, the places you can go and Marquette tops the charts for winter play.

Jordan Heiman

I grew up in Overland Park and I have to say the town is amazing, it may not be your first thought when looking for a vacation spot but we have a lot of things to do, and don't forget to try some BBQ while you're there. I do have to say though, I'm sorry to hear that one of my favorite places for those outdoor history buffs was not mentioned, Deanna Rose Children's Farmstead. This 12 acre farm-style zoo is home to many different Kansas farm animals from bison and bobcats to cows and goats as wells as an 18th century school house, bank, authentic Indian encampment and dairy barn that provide and educational experience. The Farmstead is a favorite of residents both young and old. Visitors from all over the country have come to visit, some even multiple times. It even brings in more annual visitors than the Kansas City Zoo, which is open 12 months a year while the farmstead is only open for 7. I highly suggest that next time anyone one visits Overland Park to stop by and check it out!

Ron Harvey

Prescott, AZ is a fantastic town! At 5000 feet elevation, we have world class mountain biking and some of the best secret climbing spots in the country. Watson and Willow Lakes offer some of the most interesting lake kayaking around. Prescott is cool in the summer, mild in the winter, and Sedona and The Grand Canyon are close by. We can be on a hiking trail within 5 minutes in any direction from our house, with pines on the south side of town, and granite boulder filled grasslands and canyons to the north. We have great schools for adventure oriented families with an emphasis on adventure and exploration: Skyview and La Tierra Elementary, and Kestrel and Northpoint High Schools. We love it!

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Portland, Or. The most beautiful city, I miss it so much. You get to hike in Portland's wonderful trails or head up to the mountains, 40 min. drive for April snow and gorgeous views. :)

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Thank you for including the town of Lynchburg, VA. There are lots of outdoor activities that my family enjoys living here. I disagree though about having to drive 2 hours for good hiking...there are great trails in town (including the James River Heritage trail, trails at Peaks View Park, and trails at Liberty University). The Blue Ridge Parkway is only 20 minutes away. Other outdoor activities here include mountain biking (again on many trails) and water sports (canoeing, kayaking, tubing, fishing) on the James River.

Moe Carrick

Bend didn't make the list, but 30 miles away, Sisters did, so I will count it! I LOVE it here. The weather is idyllic...always cool in the morning, hot summers, cold winters, and clear sky for miles. You can have a 3 sport day every day of the year...cycling, trail running, horseback, or nordic ski, paddle, and climb at Smith Rocks...the list of options goes on and on!

In addition to that, Sisters has a vibrant music scene, both with world class talent visiting between there and Bend, and with young up and coming talent being groomed in school and Americana programs. An active community involvement life, sustainable lodges live Five Pines in downtown, all of it just stuns me. I love my home.

Lori Sampietro

I love my town of Montgomery, it is quite and beautiful, and our business helps people to enjoy the whole area, Our name is Montgomery Adventures, You should check us out. I think People should know that we can do so much mor for them in this area at all times of the year not just skiing anymore, I had paid dues to someone who said we would be advertised on National Geograpgic, but I see it never happened, could you let me know if you think we should be on your Montgomery Adventure Page. Thanks Lori Sampietro owner it would be great,


Seattle WA

Everything is withing a half hour drive:

road biking Elliot Bay/Burke-Gilman Trails

mountain biking at Colonnade park

sea/recreational kayaking/SUPing/windsurfing on Puget Sound,Lake Washington, Lake Union,Green Lake

indoor climbing at one of many climbing gyms and Seattle REI

outdoor climbing at Magnuson Park/Seattle Mountaineers

mountain boarding at Woodland/Rogers Parks

scuba diving at Alki

parasailing from Pier 66

You can read even more details about adventure travel in WA from blog

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