Gulf Oil Spill Update: Surfrider's Environmental Director: "No Real End in Sight" - National Geographic ADVENTURE

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May 18, 2010


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probably as a result of bacteria that are attacking the oil and the dispersant. Low oxygen levels are what lead to dead zones in the ocean where sea life cannot survive, so the underwater plumes may have devastating impacts that we cannot see directly.

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what a sad disaster. hopefully this type of accident never happens again.

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This is some serious stuff. People don't realize just how much of an effect this has on our ecosystem. According to OSHA's website, BP will receive the largest fine to date of nearly $87,430,000 in proposed penalties. Just a small fraction of what it will cost to clean up some of the recent damage to the gulf.

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I completely agree with this post.People who are not aware of this thing can read it here and understand it...i also try to enhance my knowledge on this topic..companies just want profit..we should be responsible for nature also..and take care that such things wont happen in future..for this we should take correct measures


Oil spills happen when people make mistakes or are careless. So frustrating.

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Great post. I guess many people learn on it now. but for the company who did this They didn't realize how important it is to take care of Mother Nature. They need to pay for 100% these.

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very frustating indeed.

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They are responsible for this all! I am so sad about what had happened.


Talking about lowering the liability of BP, check this out:

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We need to charge the company for damages 100%. If they go out of business than that will be a warning to others. DON'T SPILL OIL in our oceans.

For too long we have allowed companies to externalize the cost of their mistakes and as a result create net harm the human and non human community.

-Ryan Mazer

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