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July 01, 2009


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the universe, linked to everything on this planet, and, indeed, the stars above us!

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I liked reading this and I want to thank you for the time and your effort you put to it.


effort you put to it. Keep doing your good work. Well done indeed!


the time and your effort you put to it. Keep doing your good work. Well done indeed!

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makes you wonder what is really out there in the great unknown.

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I come from the holy land where it feels like the birth of faith.

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I ran on a rocky trail and then a gravel path with rocks that were hard to avoid.


the dangerous West Buttress route on Denali. When we delivered the news to each winner, both assured us of one thing: They could not have done it alone—and their adventures continue.

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In response to the meteor show in new jersey, I missed it, feel asleep! Great pictures btw! :)

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Did anyone see the meteor show last night in New Jersey? I saw part of it....yet nothing compares to those pictures!

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ll pictures are very good. I like this sentence from this blog,Almost five billion years ago


My God, it's spectacular. Very beautiful..


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No matter how many times I read it, it never gets old. You definitely hit the nail on the head on this one. This is

something people need to know about.

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We teach our students gain further insights into the stars that comprise the universe by constructing a stellar spreadsheet and graphing stars by location and magnitude in an artistic manner for them to enjoy and have fun while learning.

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Last night I found the perfect opportunity to introduce my eight-year old daughter to the universe. Just before bedtime, I told her that I had a surprise for her and that she must close her eyes. At first she was excited, but then mostly curious when I wrapped her in a blanket and opened the door to carry her out in the cool night air. “Where are we going?” she asked. “Just keep your eyes closed and I’ll show you,” I said.

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All pictures are very good. I like this sentence from this blog,Almost five billion years ago, The Sun (circled) and its siblings were born in a cloud of gas and dust, forming a cluster of stars much like this one.

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i support you


I like your all photos and your work is inventive and valuable. Thank you for this fascinating post! Attractive section of content. This is great stuff.

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But more than just the narration, it is the visuals that will blow you away. Witness the birth and lifecycle of stars, like our sun, through spectacular images gathered from many earthbound and space telescopes; these images have been seamlessly combined with never-before-seen visualizations of physics-based simulations from NASA and space scientists around the world.

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the Orion Nebula, young stars are forming before our eyes from a giant cloud of interstellar gas and dust much as the Sun did almost five billion years ago.

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thank you vere mach

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We are but specks in the universe, linked to everything on this planet, and, indeed, the stars above us!

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I wish I could just sail among these amazing bursts of color- look like pictures don't they? Incredible :)

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